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perception//performance - andrea lianne grabowski

"perception//performance" was part of a now-abandoned project where i was writing out my weeks in pieces addressed to various people in my life. i added the footnotes recently to show the loss that has occurred since then, as well as observe where i was using my writing to try and convince myself i believed something. i love how the footnotes show the passage of time, how writing can become dated so quickly, and allowed me to comment on my former words.


andrea lianne grabowski is a midwestern lesbian writer occupying anishinaabe land. her published work lives in HELL IS REAL Anthology, fifth wheel press, Scavengers, and elsewhere. she served as an editor for NMC Mag and is a Best of the Net nominee. you can find her making zines, on long drives being inspired by music, or peering in the windows of abandoned buildings.

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