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Founded by mother-daughter duo Lulu and Sofía, Mag 20/20 is an online magazine dedicated to showcasing the brilliant work of creatives in their 20s. Ware an ode to the twenties, launching in the year 2020 with a 20-year-old editor-in-chief and the goal of creating a space specifically for creatives in their 20s. In other words, our 20/20 vision (ha!)


Yet you'll notice we are also an ode to the 90s, the decade in which we were born and yet few of us remember. Because being in our twenties is constantly residing in the in-between. We’re not teenagers anymore but most of us still aren’t full adults with careers or mortgage bills. We’re not Millennials and we’re not Gen Z either, and ties to multiple intersectional identities make us wonder even more confused about who we are and where we most belong on one side or another or the other, ad infinitum... 

But at Mag 20/20 we embrace that unknowingness, that uncertainty, that beautiful in-between. This is a safe space and welcome community to embrace your creativity in whatever way that means to you through poetry, prose, songs, art, photos, playlists—anything goes!


Your voice is wanted here.



Sofía Aguilar


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is a Chicana writer and editor based on the traditional homelands of the Tongva and Chumash peoples, now known as Los Angeles, California. Her work has appeared in Los Angeles Times, Refinery29 Somos, and New Orleans Review, among other publications. As an alum of WriteGirl and a first-generation college graduate, Sofía earned a BA from Sarah Lawrence College, where she received the Andrea Klein Willison Prize for Poetry and the Spencer Barnett Memorial Prize for Excellence in Latin American and Latinx Studies. STREAMING SERVICE: golden shovels made for tv (2021) is her self-published debut poetry chapbook. Its sequel STREAMING SERVICE: season two, also self-published, was released in June 2022. You can find her at

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Lulu Lerma-Aguilar

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is a mathematician by day, illustrator, photographer, and arts enthusiast by night. Originally from and living in Los Angeles, she is the co-owner of her bookkeeping business M&L Associates, which facilities the books of over thirty business in Southern California. She enjoys trying new crafts, including quilting, punch needling, and crocheting, and reading when she finds the time. 

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