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Renaissance - Asela Lee Kemper

After “Ddaeng” by BTS and

“Multitudes” by Keana Aguila Labra

I am more than another sad poem.

I am my mother’s words,

written in the stars forming into

constellations that guide me

back to the land of cherry blossom

trees, vinyl records, and unopened journals.

I am part of my father’s legacy,

my dad’s memory that I carry

into this new world.

I am more than the bodies left behind

in Squid Games.

Surviving from the games that

champions a white savior then

Thriving with my families’ riches

of dumplings and jade.

I am the fireworks.

I am the tears of grief and joy.

I am my own chosen one.

I am


ASELA LEE KEMPER is a poet who taps into nostalgia and music in her poems. She is the poetry editor at Variety Pack magazine. She is currently pursuing a MFA in Creative Writing with emphasis in poetry at Pacific Northwest College of Arts. She is the author of digital chapbook Cherry Blossom Festival and microchapbook Finally: The Mixtape.

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