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I want to travel through time - Treziel Mae Mayores

Like an ick–a constant pop-up in the brain.

A trailer must not spoil, prologue must intrigue,

but I’m dying to know what my future holds.

What I do, what I’ll be, but no certainty.

The path’s luminous, patient end not enough

to light murky, maze of mind–to gallivant

The need to skip, peek and gaze the final cut,

scared of a void, I read the book from the back.


Treziel Mae Mayores is a university student from the Philippines who likes getting lost in her thoughts. She loves the rainy season but treats the sun as her muse. When she’s not busy cuddling her cat, she writes on her blog called “Ramblification.” You can reach her through her Twitter account @the_meiyor and say hi.

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