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Efren Castro - Let Me Love You

when i look into your eyes

i see

a journey

of rediscovering life

and what else it has to offer

i’ve learned

the world works

in calculated motions,

a rhythmic production,

connecting the speed of the wind

to the dance of the leaves and trees

nature sings at an octave different than what i’ve known

one better fit to the tone of the Earth

the way God and the universe intended

your eyes


and lips

are where this reality exists

stop worrying about

whether or not

you’re enough

for my love

it’s all self sabotage

from childhood things

and old flings

it’s my turn now


just let me love you

for a little while longer

let me

worry about

what’s best

for me

Edited by Jamie Chen (@bjorqcute)


EFREN CASTRO (they/them) is a queer Latinx poet, editor, and workshop presenter originally from Lennox, CA. They are a recent English graduate from UC Riverside who writes, designs, and publishes their own zines. Their work has been featured with the Inlandia Institute, VoyageLA, 3Moons Magazine, ASPB at UCR, and their poetry zine "Heartbreak Stories" was published by Mi Casita Press in March 2020. Their art zine "Days in my Life" is available now with Curious Publishing and their latest release "Love for Me" is available on their website!. Keep up to date with their work on Instagram and TikTok @namehere360!

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