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eye love you - Jo Jeffries


Jo Jeffries is currently a junior at Belmont with a major in music business and a minor in design. Her main career goal is to design professionally for musicians; creating album covers, posters, and merch. Her whimsical art style is heavily inspired by comic books, cartoons, album covers, graffiti, song lyrics, and zines. Another curious facet of her art is her ability to flow seamlessly between different mediums. Even though she is a relatively young artist- having found her passion for art only two years ago- she has worked extensively in portraiture, charcoal drawing, ink drawing, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, digital illustration, animation, jewelry making, jean painting, comic writing, and photography.

Where to find Jo Jeffries’ Art:

Etsy: jojeffriesdoesart

Redbubble: Jo-Jeffries

Instagram: @jojeffriesdoesart

Tiktok: @jojeffriesdoesart


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