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Willow White - Endia Kneipp

Willow White is a short story written and Illustrated by Endia Kneipp. The story follows a teenage girl struggling with a budding anxiety disorder, something the author struggles with too. Each illustration was done for Drawtober 2020, an art challenge to draw every day of the month. The illustrations were done on Procreate, with the text being added in Adobe Indesign. - Endia Kneipp


ENDIA KNEIPP is an independent 25 year old artist who likes to think they are a jack-of-all-trades. In 2018, Endia graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Illustration. Though they specialized in digital and traditional illustration, they are interested in all art forms and have dabbled in everything from sculpture to stained glass. Currently, Endia spends their time freelancing, running their etsy shop, and learning new skills like papermaking and embroidery. Their main passion, however, is writing and illustrating stories which they hope they will share with the world someday.

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