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Unwelcomed Gaze - Dexy Samuel

The sound of the chaiwalla’s cycle bell on the street prompted everyone to get up from their desks and leave the building. On most days, Rukmini would leave with the rest of them, but today was her husband’s birthday. She worked in a garment factory, and on special occasions when nobody was watching, she would fold a blue shirt with white buttons into her handbag to give to her husband. At home, she neatly embroidered small flowers or patterns on the shirt to make it look different from the other blue shirts with white buttons that she brought home as a gift.

*This piece was previously published on Dexy's personal blog


Dexy Samuel is a 20 year old who is always looking to aesthetic pictures of her food, people and books. She has developed a sudden liking for flowers and the color yellow. She reads avidly, and would like to think of herself as someone who writes.

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