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The Tapestry of Life - Kim-Dan Doan

In 1427, Emperor Lê Lợi wavered on the surface of the lake. Dark clouds rolled overhead. He wished that he could make the moment last a bit longer, but he had already been granted one miracle in his life. He understood that such things didn’t happen twice.

When KIM-DAN DOAN was a child, he and his family moved to Vietnam for a year. They lived in Hanoi, right next to Hoàn Kiếm lake. This is where Kim Quy is said to reside and so the lake is named after him.  Kim's imagination would run wild every time he'd visit. When his family returned to America, the legend proved to have a lasting influence and ripened in his mind until he was ready to tell this story. Though this isn't the original myth, Kim hopes that readers who know the story already will appreciate the new elements, and for those who don't, Kim wishes they'll be as immersed in the fantasy as he was. Kim is 21 years old and is currently pursuing a Creative Writing degree from Sarah Lawrence College.

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