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Sigh - Véronique

FROM THE ARTIST: "sigh" is an embodiment of the season of life i'm in currently. I moved from my hometown to Scotland for graduate school in October and these past seven months have entirely changed me as a person. I triggered a lot of change. I decided to acknowledge a lot of my trauma, toxicity and coping mechanisms. I triggered a lot of heartbreak. I genuinely feel like this is the lowest and most alone I've ever felt. The fact that this is a result of my decisions has me feeling heavy, tossing and turning. But, I know I'll see it through. I'm not sure how I'll do it, but I'm trying. This piece was originally black and white but I added the colorful background to it to reflect the fluidity I'm experiencing right now. That's one of my favorite parts of this because it provides a sense of duality to the sensations being conveyed.


VÉRONIQUE is a Black, queer an artist, nature-lover and strategist from Chicago. Currently in Scotland, she's developed her artistic voice while abroad. She creates as a way to express her emotions and thoughts in order to gain clarity in return. "Art is the language of the soul" is a quote she tries to lives by.

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