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No Comparisons + Bossa Nova Baby - Jorge O.

"No Comparisons"

"Bossa Nova Baby"

FROM THE ARTIST: No Comparisons [is] part of an album called "Cry Baby, Cry" [The song is] somber and full of introspective melancholy. A running theme throughout the entirety of the project. The songs are very loose and free flowing with the lyrics seamlessly blending in and out of focus to let the colorful and sometimes jazz-like nature of the music shine through. Bossa Bova Baby is just a fun song. Don't ever forget to just have fun.


My name is JORGE O. I am currently residing in San Jose, CA. I live with 4 people in a beautiful home with an even more beautiful-er backyard. Rent is expensive. My wallet is hurting. I'm a very lucky person. I love to perform. I love to make music. I love my family. I'm working to find my way, and I'm trying my best.

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