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Marta Taylor

Graphics by Rachel Mihsltin (@mihlsart)


MARTA TAYLOR is a freelance illustrator who draws children’s books and happy prints. I consider myself lucky to be doing this, I can turn my hobby into work and my work is a hobby. When I was in school I never paid attention in class since I was always sketching on a piece of paper. I started learning how to draw anatomy and poses which has helped me get a step closer to my goals nowadays.

After spending several years working full time, I have now found a small home next to the mediterranean sea and can slow down and dedicate my time and enjoy illustrating. I find inspiration for my art based on my daily life mixed up with a bit of my imagination. I love to see my style evolve as I keep on learning many things about this craft.

I moved from New Zealand to Spain at a young age, and settled here with a partner now and a lovely dog to share my walks in nature with. I love learning lots of different arts in my free time, playing the guitar, baking… Although most of the time I’m enjoying the fresh air and the different views my small beach town has to offer.

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