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Into the Ocean - Laxana Devaraj

I have always known. Back then when I mistook

seasick as a synonym for homesick, I have always known.

Known the peace that comes in waves; when sea wings curl and uncurl

gathering around my bare legs to drag in,

the sun chides them for their mischief

but they are devoted puppies, begging to play.

I have always had. Some memories

of those who walk away from a home

in search of their home.

My home, it is here, with the crabs promenading on the shore;

the little crustaceans sprinkling happiness along their trail.

I take their happiness, spread it like a blanket, lie down and look at the sea.

And think how easy it is to fall into the ocean, how easy it is to fall into this story.

It is easier than falling in love and I have always known.

Always. Always.

Fallen into the ocean.


LAXANA DEVARAJ is a law graduate living in Sri Lanka. Her poetry is published or forthcoming in Ice Lolly Review and boats against the current.

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