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fishes + Color Illusions - Maga González


"a collection of sketchbook studies that transform the simple matter of color in different species of sea animals, mostly fishes. It's a combination of erasable color pencil and alcohol markers, that allows me to study color and shapes without pressure." - Maga González

Color Illusions

"a 7 color chromo xylography hand-printed done in 2020 where I explore the many possibilities of the elimination woodcut process. The artwork is inspired by the feeling of anxiety and the exertion it brings and translates to an underwater landscape." - Maga González

Post graphic by Miguel Orozco (@adustypairofcortezs)


MAGA GONZÁLEZ is a 24-year-old Costa Rican illustrator and graphic designer who loves to create experiences from colors and shapes. I graduated in 2019 from Universidad de Costa Rica with a bachelor degree in Graphic Design. I firmly believe that art carries a strong and clear message and that it’s a powerful tool for discussing social, political, and space issues, among others. My passion is illustrating in gouache and designing products to raise awareness about our planet. I mostly work digital and traditional but I enjoy exploring any form of art. Currently, I’m a freelance illustrator and work part-time as a graphic designer.

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