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finn carpenter - evening omen

years ago, i fell into the future

with eyes closed to light i saw

a cigar box, closed, opening, and inside what

lives among the petrified remains.

since, it has crept from my mind

into my apartment. one tuesday it blocked

the door to the hall. i retreated to the kitchen

and heard it follow. when i turned around

by the oven

it had gone; only drafts rattling the blinds

on the kitchen window.

occasionally, on dark evenings, I watch it,

hovering, seemingly impossibly, in the sky

above the cityscape

between venus and the setting sun.


finn carpenter is a non-binary creature who lives in seattle, washington, with their wonderful partner and many books and plants. you might find them at their local bookstore, somewhere in the woods foraging for mushrooms, or even at @gourdparent on twitter! they are very honored that you would read their poem, and they hope you enjoy :)

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Nov 01, 2021

Wow Finn, I wonder what lives in that cigar box? Such a powerful set of images- this solid thing yet full of invisible life…

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