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digital delphi + lone cactus - Rachel Mihlstin

Image description: Digital illustration 1 - a computerized reconstruction of Delphi, an ancient sanctuary in Greece. Digital illustration 2 - half profile of a cactus made up of triangles and trapezoids in a geometric reimagining of the plant.


Based in NY, RACHEL MIHLSTIN is an Art History major with an interest in the repatriation of cultural objects. She has been making art for years, traditionally and digitally. With this store, Rachel wishes to share her art and contribute to the ever-growing, young art community of her peers. Taking inspiration from a range of art movements that she has studied but her favorite art movement is Contemporary Art because of its nature to push the limits of what is art and different mediums. An example of this can be seen in Yayoi Kusama’s work. She is known for her Infinity Mirror rooms and endless dots. She has always had an interest in art throughout her life and has come to really enjoy art history as a student but has also learned far more than contrapposto and iconography. Reflecting on current social and environmental issues, Rachel believes even art can have a global impact. Currently, she is growing her presence on Instagram and hopes to open a small shop in a few months.

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