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Destiny Romero - Thalassophobia

Giving every good piece of me

Softer with you

Sweeter to you

Slowing my dripping thoughts

Tiptoeing around your water

Forgetting the rest

Forgiving you

For pushing me away and pulling me back in

The tide of you is rough terrain

I want to tell you all the ways I love you

And all the reasons why

I try deep sea diving but your waves are receding

Waiting for the day you ran up and down the beach for me

Digging my feet into the sand

I learned to swim before learned to walk

But I still carry the fear of drowning

Edited by Sofía Aguilar (@sofiaxaguilar)


DESTINY ROMERO is a writer, artist and community leader. She uses her voice as her catharsis; painting us a portrait of her experiences through life, love, loss, sex and power. Her words as sultry as her presence, Destiny pulls you in with texture and depth, and keeps you there with pure vulnerability. Destiny Romero resides in Upland, California. She has been writing poetry for six years, this is her first publication.

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