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Destiny Romero - Neglected Nectar

sickly sweet

honey words

drip from my mouth and ring in your ears

in our time alone

it brings a familiar smile to your face

as if you want lick the words from my lips

and savor each word

in the time we share with others

you look at me

a blank stare

wiping the words clear from my vocabulary

shrug me off of you

because when there are others near

my words become too sweet

that sickly sweet

but not one that you could ever stomach in public

my touch too tender to accept

and far too loving to ever be given back

when we are alone

you are a man that loves sweets

you love my every dripping word

and your affection flows freely unto me

we accept how our hearts beat in that time we share


harmonizing together

when we are around your “friends”

you think my heart beats too loudly

but it’s really that yours has ceased to beat for me

what an awful sound, what a sour taste, to know that your lover could never be proud of you

to know your lover could never accept that you are always that syrupy sweet

even when the crowds change

and ebb and pull around us

to know your lover will never

and could never truly be just that

your lover

Edited by Sofía Aguilar (@sofiaxaguilar)


DESTINY ROMERO is a writer, artist and community leader. She uses her voice as her catharsis; painting us a portrait of her experiences through life, love, loss, sex and power. Her words as sultry as her presence, Destiny pulls you in with texture and depth, and keeps you there with pure vulnerability. Destiny Romero resides in Upland, California. She has been writing poetry for six years.

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