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Credo - Verónica Pilar

Shall I begin with Latin?

I’ve heard through whispers that

this is the tongue which is whistled by witches

and whimpered by sinners—

I feel inclined to fold my fingers into a fine F

and ask for the Father’s favor, a permission

to utter His name in fervor – in nomine

Patris, et Fili, et Spiritus Sancti – for my

Fathers and his Forefathers taught us the Word

and the Word says– amen.

Shall I continue with Greek?

I’ve heard through epistles that

this the tongue entranced ten

thousand and seven Ephisians into

uprooting the Word that filled the Library of

Celsus— book by book, page by page,

Pillar upon Pillar of Truth— discarded.

Perhaps Paul regarded what his tongue of fire started.

Certainly, Constantine considered this

before commanding his cavalry to carve

the t of Truth on their shields and

led them to battle– a sick test of faith—

against the violent banner of belief Maxentius never

stood a chance.

Shall I keep pretending I know

every tongue in the world like the preachers

in Pentacost? In my Dreams,

with their tongues of fire

I find a string of words that

finally lights

the match within the walls of my

Library and

like Paul

watch the Pillars crumble.


Verónica Pilar is a queer poet from México. Lover of mushrooms, constellations, and Mercury (the god, metal and planet).

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