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Brenda Echeverry - I Am Not Unclean

I can date who I want, I enjoy having sex.

You call me a whore but it’s your late night text.

I reject your words that were meant to demean

Because I know that I am not unclean.

I’ve been cheated on and I’ve been unfaithful.

Felt all the emotions that came with betrayal.

Saw with eyes that glowed envious green.

But even still, I am not unclean.

I’ve bled each month since I was thirteen,

Yet you say the sight of my blood is too obscene.

So I pay a fortune for “feminine hygiene.”

Even as I bleed, I am not unclean.

I am in love with this body of mine,

And yes, I will post self-portraits online.

I want to be heard and I want to be seen.

I’ll say it again, I am not unclean!

As the tears trail down, they cleanse my soul

Of dark energy this body can no longer hold.

Released back into the world, I pray for its renewal,

In the hopes that it will once again shine like a jewel

And bring someone joy, serenity and peace

In knowing that they too, are not unclean.

Edited by Ren Perez (@dudebits)


BRENDA ECHEVERRY is a multidisciplinary artist, educator and facilitator. She has a background in musical performance, visual art, dance and theater. Her creative work is influenced by elements of nature, humanity, spirituality and feminism. She enjoys working directly with community members, families and youth and is passionate about incorporating a combination of art forms into her professional work. Brenda is currently working towards earning her Master's degree in Expressive Arts Therapy at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA.

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