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bottom feeder - Emma Cholip

I feel tumbled and tossed

A rolling stone on the ocean floor

Destined to float with the seaweed

And succumb to the waves.

I feel smooth and soft

From a lifetime of removing rough edges

But looking inward

I still see the sharpness there

Prominent and domineering

How anyone could see

Past the girl made of shattered glass

And instead see a person

Made of stained glass, collected

From the sea, wine bottles, and shards of a supernova

Decadent enough to fill Atlantis’s chapels with my kaleidoscope colors.


Emma Cholip is primarily a horror writer, always intrigued by the gruesome details, though she has always felt a deep love for poetry and fantasy. She has never been published before, but she has worked on several publications before as editor and editor-in-chief!

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