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Black Love - Katherine Vargas

Image description: four pictures and a gif set depicting a Black man and woman kissing and holding each other's chins in gestures of love.


KATHERINE VARGAS is a 20 year old Dominican-American ray of sunshine that longs for a better future through my words of wisdom. As an activist creative, she uses her creativity to portray stories of underrepresented and marginalized groups. She writes poetry to tell the stories of the unheard of in ways that the rest of the world can relate to. She not only uses her passion for writing to fight for justice, but as a serendipity to her own heart and soul. Additionally, she also highlights injustices through visual writing. She uses videography and photography to re-enforce empathy to all. As a multifaceted creative, she hopes to love herself more and hopes to spread more peace and love around herself as well. For more lovely content, follow her on IG: @ktherne Twitter:@b0degakat. 

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