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Alejandra Medina - Fruit

I never know when love is in season, it always

seems like I come when the harvest is done

and this one’s turned bitter, the taste burning

my tongue and this one’s too ripe, sticky

juice dripping, its skin bruised and full of flies

and this one’s not ready yet, it’s too green

my teeth refuse to sink in and over there the girls

are feasting and here I am, lonely and wishing

I were better at this because I want to feel what

it is to love and be loved and

I hope it’s sweet.


ALEJANDRA MEDINA is a Latina writer and current undergraduate student, born and raised in the city of Los Angeles, California. Her work has won a Scholastic Art & Writing Award and has been published in several online magazines, most recently The Incandescent Review and Lucky Jefferson. When she isn’t writing, she’s learning about love through Korean dramas or crocheting up a storm.

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