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A Second Confession to the Spring - Laxana Devaraj

Her eyes cradle the clouds,

peace-loving heart that a Spring carries.

They don't lie about love like we do

My first confession,

I made while looking at the clouds.

Now my own eyes pierce the clouds shooting rubber bullets,

these protestors scream and disperse

I have let muteness gather.

Her lips stay unmoving

unperturbed by my violence.

I think of enslaving the spring

and keeping her to myself.

For I can't bear the emptiness

tomorrow may bring;

candles burn themselves at home

till we run out of candles to burn

I can't keep things to myself forever.

My second confession,

I made while looking at the clouds

She closes her eyes,

leaves no birthmark behind.


LAXANA DEVARAJ is a law graduate living in Sri Lanka. Her poetry is published or forthcoming in Ice Lolly Review and boats against the current.

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